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We offer free estimates on repairs by our Curator Rick Wilkins.  Rick has over 40 years of experience on Phonograph repair and over 30 years of experience on Music Boxes and other Automated Musical Instruments.

Repairs are required to be paid for and picked up no later than 30 days after notification of completion.  There will be a $25 daily storage fee assessed for every day beyond the initial 30 day grace period after the notification of completion. For any repairs please call Rick Wilkins at 972-298-5587.


Rick Wilkins is a member and certified appraiser with Antique Appraiser Association of America.   He is licensed and certified to appraise for insurance and loss purposes.  Appraisals are available for a number of collectibles, not just mechanical music. We charge 1.5% of the appraised value of the item , or a flat fee of $85.00, which ever is more.

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